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2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv How-To Guides

  1. 2011 Mazda3 - Installing a Keyless Entry System
  2. Skyactiv swap (2012)
  3. Question about Dual zone heater
  4. Mazda 3 2011 Removing/Installing Fresh Air Intake Actuator (Blend Door Actuator)
  5. trunk door trim removal.
  6. 2013 Mazda 3 i Grand Touring Skyactiv Parts Help
  7. Tire Pressure sensor disable?
  8. How-to: Change AC/WP belts?
  9. bluetooth/cruise control installation possible ?
  10. Old phone removal
  11. Help with subwoofer install 2012 Mazda 3 skyactive
  12. Replacing the OEM battery fuse.
  13. Mazda connect.. newbie help please
  14. 2010+ (2nd Gen) Mazda3 Autopower Roll bar & Seats/Harnesses Walkthrough
  15. HOW TO: Clean inside the blower fan wheel without disassembling the dash
  16. Replaced stock battery now the battery cover won't fit on like before
  17. 2013 Skyactiv 6AT transmission fluid change
  18. Dual Zone Heater Stopped Working
  19. mazda 3 2012 skyactiv Factory service manual
  20. How to change your spark plugs 2010-2013 Mazda 3
  21. Noise from back of car.
  22. Add oem bose subwoofer to a non bose mazda 3
  23. [DIY Hack] Racing Steering Wheel + Airbag Retrofit
  24. Help fuel pump
  25. How to locate Mazda 3 pin code
  26. Programming fob for 2010 Mazda 3
  27. Removing rodent nests from the vents
  28. 2011 Mazda 3 Hood Stuck
  29. How to: Turn Signal Side Mirrors (+sequential turn arrows) for cars without wiring
  30. About MZD Connect software update
  31. Foggy Cluster window
  32. New owner, 1st post, oil coolers install?
  33. 2012 Skyactiv Manual Transmission Fluid Change
  34. Is it possible to swap adaptive HID headlamps for convent on 2010 mazda 3ssedan GT
  35. How To: Replace Your Crap Plastic Fender Liner Screws with Nutserts
  36. clutch bleeder on skyactiv
  37. Power locks will unlock, but not lock, the doors
  39. JMF instake manifold Install Video
  40. How to clean dry-flow filter on the cheap!
  41. How to add a low washer fluid sensor.
  42. How to make dummy buttons work!
  43. How to install MSDS header
  44. Brake/Pwer Steering Fluid Change?
  45. How to adjust headlight 2013 Mazda 3 Non HID
  46. How to Install VIP Puddle Lights
  47. How to: Sound system install w/ Stock HU - 4 channel amp and 12" sub
  48. How to make homemade short ram intake
  49. How-To: Stealth spare tire sub enclosure/install
  50. How to: home made shift knob
  51. Changing HID bulbs
  52. How to: Shaved rear
  53. DIY License Plate Tow Hook
  54. How to remove front bumper and grille insert
  55. Homelink Mirror Power Question
  56. How to remove or replace factory usb port
  57. Homelink Rewire?
  58. How to: Remove the three radio knobs for paint
  59. How To Make Turbo Under $150 for Mazda 3 all engines
  60. Automatic window not working
  61. Remove Automatic Climate Control from 2nd Gen Mazda3
  62. Mazda Project How to install Carbon Creations Universal Side Sills on a Mazda3
  63. Remove 2011 Mazda 3 Auto AC Knob
  64. CorkSport Rear bumper LED Wiring Video Released
  65. Auto locking doors. Reprogram it yourself
  66. 2013 mazda3 skyactiv specs?
  67. How To: Advanced Timing Mod (with pics)
  68. my first door sound deadening
  69. Rotated tires and check out the brakes today
  70. How-To: Passenger Side Axle Replacement
  71. Quick Simple Question about Sway Bar Install
  72. Black Leather Seats with Red Stitching
  73. NEED HELP rally armour 2013 skyactiv hatch
  74. How to reset the tire rotation due dates??
  75. Replacing stock radio
  76. How To: JBR shifter bushigns & entire Center Console Removal
  77. 30k mile service ?
  78. Steering Wheel Removal and DIY
  79. How to DIY Door Panel Insert
  80. EZ Pass - Where to Place on Windshield
  81. Misc How To - decode VIN
  82. FYI - Link to Skyactiv 2.0G "Engine" service manual (NOT the whole workshop manual)
  83. How to: remove underpanel
  84. How to use speed3 full catback exhaust on 2.5
  85. Skyactiv front jack up point for floor jacks
  86. skyactiv 6at fluid syphon out
  87. Low ramps to ease floor jack use
  88. 2012 Skyactiv 6AT Transmission Fluid change.
  89. How To Install Amp & Wiring For Sub
  90. Fog Lights Installation Instructions
  91. Installed Homelink Compass Auto-Dim
  92. ATF Fluid and checking
  93. How to Ship Wheels and Tires
  94. How-To: External Postive terminal
  95. Firewall wire routing on Manual 2012 MZ3
  96. 2011 Mazda 3 tweeter wires. Help!
  97. OEM Side Skirt Install
  98. Key Programming
  99. Adjust handbrake
  100. What RPM is each gear at for the Skyactiv?
  101. OE Spoiler install
  102. Changing the front speakers in 2012 Mazda 3 skyactive
  103. Question about lighting kit from the dealer.
  104. How to: Create a perfect "Evil M" using geometry
  105. 2012 Mazda3 Skyactiv Specs
  106. Do It Yourself (DIY) / How To? Threads
  107. Drawtite trailer hitch install Hatchback
  108. Road Noise reduction
  109. How to change oil on Skyactiv Engine
  110. How to run oem foglights on with parking lamps and without foglight switch
  111. 2012 Mazda Heated Turn Signal Mirror Install
  112. Installing rear bumper led reflectors
  113. How To: Auto lock/unlock function
  114. how to remove side view mirror, glass, and cap pdf. the right way
  115. I need the black clips for the license plate lights for a 2010 Mazda 3 s hatchback
  116. How To: Add LED Turn Signal Indicators to your Side Mirrors
  117. How to: Fog lights with parking lights--Easy
  118. 2010 Mazda 3 gx oil change questions
  119. Led 3.stop lamp
  120. +2009 Mazda 3 Memory Right Side Mirror
  121. +2009 Automatic Folding Mirror
  122. How To: Remove Tail Lights / Install OEM LED Tail Lights
  123. New Mazda Owner
  124. How to: Paint Front emblem and Trim
  125. Trim around automatic transmission shift knob.
  126. MZ Style Custom (front-lip) install help
  127. DIY: Paint the inside of your taillights
  128. Rim painting help
  129. How to: LED Footwell
  130. remove bezel around fog light...
  131. GV Grill from Nextmod,speed 3
  132. Need help on How to change lights!
  133. Stealth Hidden Hitch - Fold Down Licence Plate
  134. How-To: Install HID Bulbs in your OEM Fog Lights
  135. Hyper flash fix: Simple resistor install for LED (switchback) turn signals
  136. Fog Lights
  137. Exhaust diagram
  138. How to install a Simota on a 2.5
  139. Jack Stand help
  140. How do you remove interior pieces to paint?
  141. DIY: outside mirror cap removal
  142. take calipers off....
  143. Rear coils how to
  144. HOW TO: PAC Audio Isimple Sirius Radio and Ipod Module Install
  145. Engine Start Button, Ideas?
  146. Plasti Dip Help
  147. Interesting,Ford 2.5 , Mazda 2.5 prices
  148. Upgrade Trunk Lighting
  149. GoPro2 Headrest Mount (my version)
  150. Auto dimming rearviw mirror
  151. How to wire fogs as DRL MZ3 2011
  152. DIY: Headliner removal
  153. Door locking and Sunroof questions?
  154. How to change radio from US to Euro???
  155. Take off grill?
  156. Where to lift/jack car?
  157. Amp install for speakers
  158. How-to: Cleaning Simota Intake and other filters
  159. How-to: Stealth Hatch LED lighting
  160. How do I enable the Honk when Turning on Alarm?
  161. Switching to Solid Shifter Bushings....
  162. Tail Light tinting! HELP
  163. 2011 Mazda 3 unlocking the Test Display Screen!!!
  164. Mz3 Service Manuals
  165. How to Install (REAL) DRL's
  166. How to Footwell lights from Map Lights, On w/ door open off when closed. MZ3 '11
  167. Need help on how to install interior led lighting
  168. Fender Rolling
  169. Foglights without parking lights.
  170. Installing Motor MOunt. Need 2 Safe Jack Points
  171. D.I.Y. Adjustable Front Strut Endlinks
  172. Gauge cluster LED's
  173. Genpu - disable seatbelt alarm - method #3!
  174. Mazda 3 Interior Trim Workshop Manual :)
  175. LED strip install in foglight area
  176. How-To: Draw-Tite Hitch Install
  177. Turn On/Off headlights with ignition
  178. oil pressure/oil temp gauge install
  179. HOW TO: DIY: Footwell Lighting for Non-Equipped Vehicles
  180. How to close the windows and the sun roof via the advanced keyless entry in Mazda 3 ?
  181. Sedan 3rd brake light led
  182. LEDCup holder NO DRILLING required.
  183. Red Caliper paint job
  184. HOW TO: DIY Overhead Ambient Lighting for Non-Equipped Vehicles
  185. HOW TO: HID Timer: Delay On, Timer Off, Flash to Pass Safe Guide (Very Advanced)
  186. Factory Reciever Removal and AOEM-MAZ2 Install
  187. DIY: Fog lamp and fog bezels removal without removing bumper cover
  188. Oil change on 2.5L engine
  189. How To Install DDM HID Slim Kit In A 2010 MS3
  190. Tail/Reverse Light Housing Removal
  191. Adding Door Pull / Cup Holder LEDs to Rear Doors
  192. Self Test
  193. Ebay LED 3rd Brake Light 2010 MZ3 HB Install
  194. Armrest Console Night LED
  195. HOWTO: Add aux power to the hatch
  196. How-To Forum Guidelines
  197. My V1 Hardwire Install
  198. Hitch install - hatchback (Curt class 1 hitch)
  199. Making the Big Non-Functional Dash Button Functional
  200. Gauge pod.
  201. How To: OEM Mazda Door Visors (addenum)
  202. koni rear shock install/adjustments (pics)
  203. Standardize Camera Settings for Lighting Shots
  204. How-To Quick Links
  205. How to: Rear wiper delete
  206. Another LED Hatch Lights writeup (2x LED bars, mounted in vents)
  207. Custom Adaptive Headlights w/Angel Eyes
  208. How to paint stock wheels (with the tires mounted)
  209. Front splash shield replacement
  210. Sedan hitch install
  211. How to paint the front chrome trim on the bumper
  212. HID fog lights and more
  213. How To: Front Brakes.
  214. Dual Color Overhead Ambient Lighting Mod
  215. Dual Lighted Cup Holder Mod
  216. Another Interior Ambient Lighting Thread
  217. Ambient Lighting LED upgrade Guide
  218. VIDEO: Removing dash trim and vinyl wrap on 2010 mazda 3 / speed3
  219. Curt class I hitch install (hatchback)
  220. How to change the cabin air filter
  221. Prokit/Koni yellow install
  222. Fresh Air/Recirc Button Modification
  223. Just installed auto-dim/homelink/compass mirror
  224. HOW TO: Heated Mirror Install
  225. Swapping Power Port Circuits
  226. Garage Remote Button Mod
  227. DIY: LED Cupholder
  228. Headlight modification Guide
  229. 2010 3i Fog Light Installation Guide (with pics!)
  230. LED Hatch Light
  231. vcp's 2010 sport GT audio upgrade - includes stealth jack-compartment sub box
  232. Installing Defrosting Mirrors... Anyone done it yet?
  233. How to replace the overhead ambient lighting
  234. DIY LED 3rd Brake Part 2
  235. DIY LED 3rd Brake Part 1
  236. Very detailed post on installing upgraded horns on 2010 Mazda3 with pics
  237. First documented 2010 RSB install
  238. 2010 MAZDA 3: Wimpy Horn Upgrade